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Sunday, July 12, 2015

iOBE Calculator computes the learning outcomes for a single course and for individual students in the course. It is used to analyze the performance of a course from many aspects.

The results produced from the software can be presented with respect to either the assessment tools used in the course, the intended learning outcomes designed for the course, or the common outcomes for the academic program as defined by the program outcomes. It can also be used to analyze the performance of different groups of students, by filtering the input data entered into the computation based on respective student groups.

Users need to prepare two input files before using the software.

To compute outcomes data for a course, users only need to click the button “Calculate Course Data”. The computation will normally take a few seconds after the click. To compute outcomes data for a student, users need to key in first the student’s ID in the dialog box “Enter Student ID”, overwriting the text itself. Next, users need to click the “Calculate Student Data”. These are the only two operations needed to obtain results from iOBE Calculator.

The figure below shows how the software appears on the computer when displaying the results. Users can refer to the instruction manual on how to interpret the results.

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