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Saturday, July 11, 2015

To operate either software, users need to prepare two types of input files using Excel (with the extension .xlsx only). The first input file has a fixed name that the software calls upon to read the name of the course file. The second input file is the course file: it is the main file that contains students’ information, mapping matrices and assessment data of a course. Once these input files are available, the computation inside the software can be started with a single click of a button.

For iOBE Calculator, the first input file is named “Course Info.xlsx”. This file name cannot be changed. The second input file can be named based on the course name.

An example of the Course Info

An example of the Course File

iOBE Aggregator can only be used once the course outcomes for individual courses have been computed. For its first input file, users need to prepare an Excel file named “Course List.xlsx” that contains the names of all the courses to be aggregated. This file named cannot be changed. The course files (i.e., the second input files) of these courses must be made available as well. These files should be prepared prior to using iOBE Calculator.

An example of the Course List

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