Monday, July 13, 2015

Prior to running the iOBE software, the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) needs to be installed first. The software was developed in the Windows OS, and can be run in this platform only. The latest version of the software, with its Matlab Compiler, can be downloaded below:

  1. iOBE v6.2 (updated 7/10/2021).
  2. Matlab Compiler R2021a (9.10) for 64-bit Windows OS: for iOBE v6.0 and above. Please note that the iOBE software was developed on a 64-bit Windows OS and thus requires the Matlab compiler R6016a (9.0.1) for 64-bit Windows OS. The software can also be run on a MAC OS Apple computer, but only within the 64-bit Windows OS environment that needs to be installed into the MAC computer first.

The older versions of the iOBE Software can be downloaded below. Nonetheless, please note that the use of the older versions of iOBE is NOT recommended due to some issues and computing inefficiencies in these older versions that had been resolved in the most recent version recommended above.
  1. iOBE v5.2 (updated 9/2/2018)
  2. iOBE v5.1 (updated 28/7/2017)
  3. iOBE v5.0 (updated 20/4/2017)
  4. iOBE v4.0 (updated 14/12/2016)
  5. iOBE Calculator v3.2 (updated 15/3/2016)
  6. iOBE Aggregator v3.1 (updated 2/3/2016)
  7. iOBE Calculator v3.1 (updated 2/3/2016)
  8. iOBE Calculator v2.4 (updated 1/2/2016)
  9. iOBE Aggregator v2.4 (updated 1/2/2016)
  10. iOBE Calculator v2.1 (updated 13/1/2016)
  11. iOBE Aggregator v2.0 (updated 17/9/2015)
  12. iOBE Calculator v2.0 (17/9/2015)
  13. iOBE Calculator v1.3
  14. iOBE Aggregator v1.3
Accordingly, use the following Matlab Compiler for the older versions of the iOBE Software:
  1. Matlab Compiler R2016a (9.0.1): for iOBE v5.0 up to v5.2
  2. Matlab Compiler R2015a (8.5): for iOBE v3.0 up to v4.0
  3. Matlab Compiler R2012a (7.17): for iOBE v2.4 and lower
  4. Matlab Compiler 7.15: also for iOBE v2.4 and lower

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