Upgrade: iOBE v4.0

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The iOBE Software has undergone major upgrades from v3.2 to v4.0. The key upgrades are:

  1. Improved computational algorithm to expedite the calculations significantly.
  2. The two software modules (Calculator and Aggregator) merged into one.
  3. Students' iCGPA and PO attainment computed for single and multiple courses.
  4. Improved presentation of the graphs to show collective outcomes.
  5. Improved presentation of the outcomes data and iCGPA of individual students.
The new version of the software and its instruction manual can be downloaded at:
  1. iOBE v4.0 (updated 14/12/2016)
  2. iOBE Software Manual v4.0 (updated 14/12/2016)
  3. Users also need to install the Matlab Compiler Runtime prior to running the iOBE software.
Included in the iOBE v4.0 zip file above are the software's executable file, the research papers accompanying this work, its solution manual, and sample input files.

The software's new GUI panel are now much simpler than before, requiring only one button to run the data for a single course and another button to aggregate data from multiple courses.

Further upgrades on iOBE in the near future will include:
  1. The spiderweb graphs to show the iCGPA for individual students.
  2. Flexible labelling of the axis to reflect actual items being computed.

The GUI panel of the software is shown below:

These are some samples of the outputs produced:

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