iOBE Workshop @ Physics USM

Thursday, March 16, 2023

An iOBE workshop titled "Automating PO Calculation & Implementing CQI" was conducted this morning, Thursday 16/3/2023, for all the lecturers at the School of Physics USM. This is the second iOBE workshop conducted there at CS; the first one was in 13 October 2017. This time, the need to have an automated system to compute PO attainments has become more urgent due to the requirement from the accreditation exercise.

This session briefly recapped the essence of OBE assessment from the previous workshop. Afterward, the session focused on presenting and discussing on the techniques of computing and interpreting the output plots produced by iOBE at the course and program levels. The CQI process was briefly discussed near the end of the workshop. A few Physics lecturers were able to download the software and successfully run it with real data from their own courses, which took only a few minutes to prepare the input file and a few seconds to run.

Many thanks to the Dean, Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak, for this invitation, and to the Academic Management Team lead by the Academic Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Iskandar, for hosting this workshop. Special thanks go to Dr. Husni for successfully running the data for his course in-situ and sharing the outcomes produced by the iOBE software during the workshop. Many thanks also to those who ask questions that provided fruitful and deeper insights into our discussions.

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