iOBE Workshop @ CS USM

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

An iOBE workshop titled "Interpreting iOBE Data & Building CQI Awareness" was conducted this morning, Wednesday 3/3/2023, for all the lecturers at the School of Computer Sciences (CS) USM. This is the second iOBE workshop conducted there at CS; the first one was in 15 March 2021. In between these times, CS lecturers have used the iOBE software to analyze their course data within the past 3-4 semesters.

This session briefly recapped the essence of OBE assessment and the process of computing outcomes data produced by iOBE. The main focus of the workshop was to explain the techniques of interpreting the output plots produced by iOBE. The CQI process was briefly presented afterward. At the end of the workshop, a set of 10 courses was quickly gathered and successfully computed using iOBE to produce group-level data to demonstrate its capabilities of aggregating data from multiple courses to evaluate students performance at the course and program levels.

Many thanks to the Dean of CS, Prof. Dato' Dr. Bahari, for this invitation, and to the Academic Management Team lead by the Academic Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Dr. Nurul Hashimah, for hosting this workshop. Special thanks go to Dr. Anusha for coordinating this workshop and Pn. Fatin for the help in running the iOBE software during the workshop.

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