OBE Workshop @ USM Math School

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Many thanks to the School of Mathematical Sciences, University Science Malaysia (USM), for inviting me to conduct a full-day workshop on 2/8/2018. The workshop was divided into four sessions:
  1. Introduction to Outcome-Based Education (OBE)
  2. Constructive Alignment
  3. Assessment and CQI
  4. Implementation using iOBE
I have also conducted workshops on OBE, iOBE, or related topics at various places previously, as follows. Many thanks as well to the organizers of these events:
  1. OBE/iOBE Workshop, School of Housing, Building, and Planning, USM, 6/2/2018.
  2. OBE/iOBE Workshop for the Management Teams of USM's Main Campus, organized by the USM's University Quality Centre, 23/10/2017.
  3. OBE/iOBE Workshop, School of Physics, USM, 13/10/2017.
  4. Seminar on Academic Curriculum, USM Engineering Campus, 21/10/2016.
  5. Workshop on Complex Engineering Problems, USM Engineering Campus, 25/5/2016.
  6. iOBE/CQI Workshop, School of Mechanical Engineering, USM, 2/3/2016.
  7. iOBE/CQI Workshop, School of Aerospace Engineering, USM, 25/11/2015.


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