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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The two software modules presented here are iOBE Calculator and iOBE Aggregator. They are developed using Matlab as executable files with GUI. The modules have two separate functions: iOBE Calculator maps the matrices and calculates outcomes for a single course and iOBE Aggregator aggregates outcomes data from multiple courses.

Both software are designed to be simple in its use, flexible in its data management, and robust in its computation.

In addition to its ease of use, another advantage of using the software is in its compact and visual presentation of the results. Outcomes data are presented in bar charts with colored graphics designed to facilitate the interpretation of the results. For instance, green-colored bars are used to indicate desired outcomes and red bars to indicate unfavorable outcomes. Average outcomes are shown in blue.

In this visual mode, users can easily communicate and evaluate various aspects of the results. Some of these aspects include the performance of or comparisons between students, courses, groups of courses, student cohorts or an entire program.

Performance gaps can be measured as well through the introduction of two parameters: Q1 and Q4. With such ease in interpreting the results, users can quickly identify measures to be taken to further improve their courses or program.

The mathematical framework used by the software is described here.

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